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Success Stories

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Manufacturing Scheduling
Process Improvement

Objective: Improve scheduling change and communications process

LEAN or DMAIC Tools used: Communications Spaghetti Diagram, Centralized “Real Time” SharePoint Scheduling Site for schedule updates

Results: Manufacturing schedule compliance improved from 84% to >90%

Injection Molding Tooling Maintenance

Objective: Change tooling maintenance approach from calendar-based to cycles-based approach

LEAN/DMAIC tools used: Tooling Durability Assessment at different machine cycles, Product Quality Architecture (Customer Requirements)

Results: Improved product quality; Reduced costs by $60,000 annually.

Injection molding machines in a large factory. Department of Italian industry specialized

Manufacturing Production Lot Overrun

Industrial, workshop for production of handling removable devices. View from the ceiling..

Objective: Reduce production of excess products before production job changes

LEAN/DMAIC tools used: Spaghetti diagrams (Molding area, Packing area), Visual Aids for Job changes (Electronic screen warnings for Mold and Packing areas), “Last count” factory communications notice

Results: Number of lots with proper products increased from 70% to over 90%.  Scrap costs reduced by more than $70K.

Manufacturing Plant Redesign

Objective: To convert plant from primarily Ware-in-Process (WIP) manufacturing to a Raw Material to Finished Goods facility

LEAN/DMAIC tools usedProcess Flow DiagramsInline volumetric measuring equipment development, Polarimeter assessment of glass sealing stress measurement


Results: Reduced Finished Goods manufacturing time from Forty-two days (42) to One day (1)

Reduced overall operating costs by > $1,000,000

Manufacturing Assembly

Business IT Software Redesign

Objective: Reduce number of Business Software systems from Eight (8) to One (1)

LEAN/DMAIC Tools used: Process Flow Diagram, Process Simplification Assessment, Software Decision Analysis to identify new IT system


Results: Reduced IT staffing by Sixteen (16) FTE for a savings of over $800,000 annually.

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